SDMU-928 Kanumi Tanimura (Kasumi Tanimura) AV Debut OL 26 Years Old In Tokyo.Yari Hand Carrier Woman Who Has Earned The Monthly Sales First Place In Sales Jobs Many Times.On The Contrary To The Flashy Appearance Male Experience Is Single Person And Has A Naive Personality.Three Years After I Broke Up With Him In My School Days, I Decided To Participate In AV Without Being Able To Endure The Life Without SEX. Kayumi Tanimura

ID:SDMU-928 Release Date:2019-02-07 Length:135 min(s) Director:Cossacks Maker:SOD Create Label:SOD Create User Rating: Genre(s):OL3P, 4PSoloworkDebut ProductionDigital Mosaic Cast:Tanimura Kasumi

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